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We celebrate as we have built a powerhouse organization that
continues to be recognized among the top nationally.

We look forward to a future of continued excellence -
one that embodies everything we stand for.

I.L.E.A.P. Is our value system, meant to attract
like-minded coaches, players and families.
We do not franchise our groups-we are collaborative, working together for the benefit of our athletes. Those who deeply align with ILEAP will continue to pave the road of opportunity for current and future LLG players as well as support LLG alumni.

LLG is focused on building the right community for the right families and will continue to partner with like-minded people.


Honesty, Unity & Honor
Not for sale to the highest bidder


We are eager, not just willing


 Team Mindset   =   WE>ME


Love & Respect for the Game